Manhattan Iron Door Company

Manhattan Iron Door Company is the product of a team of experienced iron door professionals who previously created two of the leading national iron door companies. Over the past thirteen years, this team has attained the experience to present to the public a new collaborative effort: the Manhattan Iron Door Company.

At the same time, we're proud to introduce our Architectural Steel Door & Window line. We have married our experience and product knowledge of the iron door industry to create a product that is hand-built with superior quality components and provides lasting durability. Each door is fabricated as a one-of-a-kind, custom unit that will never see an assembly line or mass production. We use the highest-grade components to create a unique, timeless masterpiece. We build all of our own doors, with our Architectural series being fabricated in the USA, which allows us to keep close watch on every aspect of the fabrication process. The majority of other iron door companies now outsource their fabrication to China, which increases constraints on quality control and customization. Because of this, we are experienced in, and specialize in, all types of projects be it residential, commercial or even retail.

Let Manhattan Iron Door Company help you make a bold statement. With hundreds of existing iron designs and more designs continually joining our repertoire, the possibilities are endless. Our mission is to provide a well-built, functional and stunning door that stands out from the rest. Manhattan Iron Door Company – make a grand entrance!